A Story

 Let me tell you a story...                           

... about possibly, the most beautiful of Swiss secrets. 

A long, long time ago, high in the mountains, lived a young maiden. The girl had been banished by the ignorant and mean folk in the village which lay in the valley below as she was seen to be ugly and repulsive. This meant that she had to labour every day by carrying a heavy milking can down to the village. The milking can being made of iron was enormous and extremely heavy for the girl to manage. Not only was managing the heavy vessel a huge task, the treacherous path which she had to make her way along made it even more difficult and tiring. The narrow path led through a forest lying next to a small lake where she would take a moment to rest and drink from the crystal clear water which flowed down from its source high above.

One day while the maiden was resting by the water’s edge, a bird as white as snow with feathers like silk appeared before the tired girl and spoke: „ If you drink a handfull of this water and take one sip of the fresh milk from the milking can every day, then I promise you beauty and a complexion as soft and smooth as a cloak of feathers .“ The girl took the bird’s advice, and from that day onward she looked into the lake to see her reflection which became fairer with each passing day. After a time the village folk began to notice her and started to Show interest in this pretty creature. She slowly began to make friends and on one fine day made the aquaintance of a farmer’s son with who she fell in love with. Soon after, they married and went on to share a long and happy life together.

And even to this day, pure-hearted people still report to have seen the bird with the white feather cloak at the lake next to the forest. And still the people of this tiny country with the incredibly high mountains, know of the benefits of the Swiss milk serum.


Thomas Boller Skinside