skinside® antiox is a harmonic composition of natural Collagen & Niacin – for all over skincare – plus Vitamin C and E, original Swiss milk serum and a delicious blend of natural flavors with a hint of blueberry juice. Vitamins C and E are a significant element and contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

antiox, bottles of 16 x 60 ml, ready to drink



Consumption recommendation:
1 bottle (60 ml) per day antiox or balance
during approx. 60 days.
Recommendation: repeat 2-3x/year.


In addition to the natural effect of Collagen, Biotin contributes to the maintenance of normal skin. Riboflavin supports the energy-yielding metabolism and normal function of the nervous system. This essential Vitamin influences the maintenance of red blood cells and mucous membranes. Enriched with Swiss milk serum balance is a necessity for overnight recovery.

balance, bottles of 16 x 60 ml, ready to drink